Eye of the Storm – Ch. 1-9

About Eye of the Storm game In Eye of the Storm a group of college girls who flee to a mountain resort to avoid a terrible storm. The caretaker (you) must do everything he can to keep them safe from the storm, each other, and…

Midnight Paradise – Version 0.2 & Incest Patch

About game Lewdlab’s next landlady epic Midnight Paradise. This time without dream shadows and more tribal tattoos and fancypants rich bois. Additional information Release Date: 14 April 2019Genre: 3DCG, Male protagonist…

Shut Up and Dance – Episode 3 Version 1.0

About game “Shut Up and Dance” is a story about a guy whose life went wrong at one moment. A person that he loved and trusted died under strange circumstances and at a time everything that he had been used to just disappeared.

My Private Trainer

About game My Private Trainer is the second choose your adventure style visual novel game in the My Private series. The first is HERE. This time your personal trainer will be taking care of your body. With over 30 animations and 150…

My Private Secretary

About game Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have your own secretary? If so then today is your lucky day! In My Private Secretary, now available in the Affect3D Store, you have your very own secretary who is more than…

Live To Fight – Version 0.4.2

About game Live To Fight story is about a young boy who gets in trouble with money for stealing from the wrong person, now he must return it and he don’t have it, he will have to go with an old friend to help him, a friend who…

Man Of The House – Version 0.9.3 Extra

About game In Man Of The House game you will play as a young adult, who is living together with his attractive mother and 2 hot sisters, in a city filled with even more gorgeous women! Each NPC has their own storyline and you get to…